Meet the team

I’ve been passionate about helping people all of my life.  I started my career by studying exercise science and worked for many years in the fitness industry. As an exercise therapist, I specialised in helping clients with pain, injury and rehabilitation issues. In this work I became increasingly aware of the emotional toll of pain and injury and decided to study counselling to better help my clients.

This journey lead to where I am today – a counsellor and psychotherapist who feels passionate about helping people find their way through difficult, uncertain or uncomfortable times. You could say that my journey started working with the body and has lead me to working with the mind, although I do feel that the two are absolutely inseparable.

I enjoy working with all types of people and my clients come from many different ages, cultures and backgrounds.  I see men, women and couples – all at varying stages of life. This is one of the things that makes counselling so rich and rewarding. I also have an interest in working with athletes as the physical, psychological and emotional demands of training and competing for sport are huge and sometimes unacknowledged.  Athletes often need support for their personal concerns such as managing expectations, dealing with relationship issues, making difficult decisions, feeling low or anxious or dealing with disappointment. My counselling space is a safe place to talk through these things.

I support my clients in a caring and understanding way as they work through whatever concerns bring them to counselling.

Wondering if counselling is for you? Why not send me an email and we can arrange to have a chat on the phone. I look forward to hearing from you.